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2010-07-01 04:55:17 by phatham

Not many people will ever come to this page nor see this but it would be nice if you could tell people on the audio and flash portals why you voted their submission up or down, because this shows people what they can improve upon, if you think my music doesn't feel like it has enough structure or just that the melodies are crap, the least you can do is tell me, and if you like it tell me what you like :-), k?
Phat Ham out.

New Songs

2010-06-27 17:13:04 by phatham

Okay i got some real cool songs lined up for uploading tomorrow, i can't upload them today because I've already uploaded my limit, xD but be prepared I'm getting better at making these midi tracks and the ones I've got lined up for you tomorrow are around the same level of cool soundingness as "Two Words No.2" can't wait to hear what you guys think :)
Phat Ham Out.